Chris Teal

Musician and Educator

Drum Set Fundamentals

Get started between June 8-25 to take advantage of course launch bonuses

I'm excited to announce a new collaboration with the Institute for Creative Music, a web-based course to learn how to play the drum set!

Everyone is a rhythmic person--from the steady beat of your heart to the impact of your feet while you walk. Join me for an interactive course that can get you drumming in a weekend, no matter your age or experience. This course is great for first-time musicians and musicians looking to gain a foundation on another instrument (while having fun!) No music reading, just learning by listening, watching, and most of all--joining in and making music.

In this course you'll learn:

- How to coordinate your hands and feet while walking and patting to develop large-muscle awareness away from the drum set

- Posture, drum setup, and grip

- How to use your feet at the drum set

- Drum beats and fills in duple and triple meter

- How to play drum beats and fills in phrases that relate to songs you know (not just counting)

This course material is taken from Chris's years of experience teaching beginners--he actually uses this tested method with his students! Join today (before 6/25/17) and receive a bonus coaching session where Chris will send you personalized video feedback to aid your progress. The price will go up after this introductory period, take advantage now!

If you sign up during the launch period (June 8-25) you'll get:

1 video feedback session (a $20 value)

Premium Pricing (save $15 off the normal price)

Start your journey now...

Photographer: Aaron Winters